Commercial Chain Link and Residential Chain Link Fences

• Galvanized

• Vinyl Coated

• Swing Gates and Cantilever Gates

Chain Link Galvanized

Chain Link Galvanized

Chain Link Vinyl Coated

Chain Link Vinyl Coated

Chain Link Gates

Chain Link Gates


Chain link fences are weather resistant and therefore last longer than other types. Many households and businesses choose chain link fencing because it is affordable and long-lasting. Although chain link provides little to no privacy, it is more affordable than wood or aluminum options and last longer. Because chain link is galvanized it will never rust and you won’t need to paint it.

There is no need to stain or paint a chain link fence, saving you more money in the long run, basically paying for itself. If you are looking for an affordable fence with zero maintenance then a chain link fence is what you’re looking for.

Hercules Fence serves the entire Shreveport area with chain link fences for commercial and residential purposes.

Commercial Chain Link

Chain link is used in a commercial setting because it gives the appearance of a secure area. It may not deter a serious criminal, but most people will notice a chain link fence and understand the area is off limits. Security services and police appreciate chain link because they can easily monitor the property for intruders.

Companies also utilize chain link fences with gates to control entry into areas of their property. Finally, a chain link fence is often combined with other security measures, such as barbed wire, to create a formidable barrier.

Our experience with chain link fences for commercial and industrial properties spans more than 40 years. 

Chain Link for Pets

When it is time to build a pet fence, you want one that is secure, durable and easy to see through. A chain link fence allows your pet to safely get exercise without running into the road or getting lost. It also protects other people from your dog, and your dog from other animals.

Chain Link for Pools

Pools can be dangerous places, especially for children. To help keep people safe, laws have been passed to require a pool fence. A chain link fence with a tight weave is perfect for this role. It can be as tall as you need, prevents climbing and parents can easily see inside.



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